Monday, October 31, 2011

Blog That! [assignment 005]

alright my pumpkin pies! it's Halloween!!! how magically fantastical! this week, if you decided to be a lame-ooo and not dress up in costume for the wicken festivities, I would like you to post an outline for the speech you will be giving on your studio design project. the outline should be overly detailed expelling what will be said, who will say it, and an estimated time frame of how long each person will be talking. since you are working in groups it's perfectly fine to work on this together, but I want it individually posted ... if you dressed up in costume for our class today then you're exemp from the assignment. the other members of your group are responsible for completing it.
This is just a rough draft to get an idea of what you'll be discussing. later you'll have to go back as a group and finalize your speeches!!

have fun & HAPPY HALLOWEEN :)

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