Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Change Style Indicator

On the first day of class members of the studio completed a profile based on the CHANGE STYLE INDICATOR to assess their ability to cope with change in a design context. In doing so, we learned who in the class associates more with ORIGINATOR, PRAGMATIST, and CONSERVER roles in group settings when dealing with change. Generally, students as originators prefer the fluidity to make their way by challenging rules and systems... and openly embrace change. Students as conservers tend toward the security of the known and familiar... often resisting change. Students as pragmatists balance these two constructs of the world. In our studio, we ended with a balance of roughly thirds in each category, with slightly more than half leaning toward conserver tendencies. Both of the instructors for the course [Lucas and Gonzalez] scored high as originators, with only one student higher on the scale.

[roughly ... the SIX students to the left are ORIGINATORS, the TEN students in the middle are PRAGMATISTS, and the NINE students to the right are our CONSERVERS]

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