Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Come Together

It's time to start a new tradition ...

Today we gathered both second year studios and joined together with the Iarc first years. We extended our hands and welcomed them with warm smiles and open conversations. Our department is so unique and special to this university, and while drama will always be present wherever people are - it's important to know when to set that aside and Come Together as Whole. We see the world in a creatively different way than every other person on this campus. We look at every inanimate object as inspiration rather than "just" things. We are the imagineers that help design the Built Environment. Embrace your peers and feed off the passion for what they find beautiful ...

young designers learning from each other.

After Coming Together and introducing themselves to each other, the first and second year studios were split into groups and asked to discuss three major issues of Design ::

where do ideas come from?
how do you unveil them?
& what sources must you consult?

professors and their teaching assistants discussing rather important things!

What we discovered is that ...
design comes from everywhere. design comes from your own personality. design comes from how you perceive life. design comes from precedent studies and examples.

"everything comes from history!"
Frank Cheney

We also heard from ...
guest speaker Brett Carter, the Dean of Students, UNC - Greensboro

Mr. Carter came to visit our studios to discuss the University of North Carolina, Greensboro's Academic Integrity Policy. He had a lot to say about the topic and engaged all of us in an energetic conversation. The experience was enjoyable and entertaining! Rather than explaining our whole Academic Integrity Policy, I'll sum it up for you ... Don't cheat and site your sources or you'll get kicked out of school, never get into another university, and you may get your degree taken away! Honestly ... it's not that hard.

... our standing ovation for Mr. Carter.

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