Saturday, September 17, 2011

Blog Assignment 002

it's time to photoshop !!

i don't how familiar you all are with photoshop but i LOVE it! i'm constantly amazed at how you can change a picture and warp it into something completely new and different from what it originally was!

so .......

for this weeks assignment i want you to explore the many wonderful possibilities of photoshop. i want you to use a picture or pictures that you took while in DC and transform it into something spectacular spectacular!

add layers, change the coloring, distort it, transform it into something new and beautiful! then right a paragraph describing how you made this image, what tools you used, and how you feel about your fantastical creation!

due on Friday, September 23 - i want you to show me how creative you are!

this assignment is based on completion, but TRUST i will judge you =)


... below is an example i threw together in about 27 minutes and 43 seconds exactly ::

(photo credit: kalani gonzalez)

first I started with a FABULOUS picture of the 
White House! i was so excited when i saw it for the first time 
that goose bumps and butterflies consumed me.

(photo credit: fantasy of a night sky)

i decided that i wanted to play with the way the sky looked 
in the photo, so i went online and found this interesting 
picture on Google. i enjoyed the hues of blue and 
the strong contras in the image.

i cut out the white sky on the original photo and layered the "sky" image underneath.

the image looked "just alright" with the contrasting sky, 
but it needed more to round out the composition. so i found this 
photo of the planets and decided to layer them onto the 
"sky" image. i cut out, flipped and warped the 
planets to fit well in the composition.
(photo credit : planets in the sky)

after playing with some "filters" in the program, i edited the 
amount of light and contrast in the overall image, threw on a solid 
black boarded and ended up with final composition below ...

(composition credit: kalani gonzalez)
have fun with photoshop ...
get lost and wrapped up in it! 
be creative, be original !!

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