Monday, September 12, 2011

we're in DC ... HOLLAAA

hello  beautiful !!
are you ready for the most fabulous group of people you've ever seen !?! 

this weekend the Iarc 2nd year studio got to travel to Washington, DC to explore the Amazing museums of the Smithsonian. We started our journey right outside the Castle on the lawn (above). here students were given their assignments for the day - three museums to focus on. part of the assignment was to observe specifically the outside of each museum, its lobby space, and the main reception area.

Iar 2nd year studio on the steps of the Library of Congress

Jessica Krasuski, an alumni of the Iarc program, currently lives in DC and works with the Library of Congress as an interior designer! she gave us a tour of the Library and told us a little about what she does. it was fantastic to hear from someone who graduate from our department and made it with such a fabulous job!

Jessica giving our class a small tour of the library.

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